HP Kidz At-Home Lesson, Feb. 14th 2021

God Tells Job About His Creation

Dig In to the Bible

  • Read: Job 38–39; Psalm 8
  • In This Passage: In response to Job’s questions about his suffering, God speaks. He declares the wonder of his creation, showing that he’s in control because he made everything just as he planned. In Psalm 8, David marvels at what God has made, pointing out that God put humans in charge of his creation.
  • Bible Point: God is the Creator.
  • Summary Verse: “O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens” (Psalm 8:1).

Dig Deeper

  • You’ll Be Teaching: God is the Creator. Your kids may be more familiar with the account of creation from Genesis 1 and 2, so this could be a new take on creation for them! Exploring what God himself declared about all that he made will fill your kids with a sense of awe and wonder at their Creator.
  • Think About: Look around you and find three things God made. What do they show you about God?

Dig In to Prayer

  • Ask God to show you and your kids more and more about himself through the wonderful things he made.

Quick Tip

  • Encourage creativity! When kids are creative, they’re reflecting the God who made them in his image. So if kids go a little off from the craft directions or march to the beat of their own drum, encourage it if it’s genuine creative expression and not intentional distraction.

Introduce the Lesson

            Say: We’re spending a few months finding out the answer to this question: Who is God? Today we’ll discover that God is the Creator.


  • Tell kids your favorite thing about nature, such as hiking in the mountains and smelling the crisp air or relaxing on the beach and watching the waves crash.
  • Have kids form pairs. Ask kids to tell their favorite thing about nature.
  • After partners have shared, ask two or three kids to share with the whole group.


            Open a Bible to Job 38, and say: There are so many neat things about the way God made the world. Today we’ll find out what God himself said about things he created. Let’s explore the Bible to see what God said. The Bible is God’s special book, written by God and about God so we can get to know our Creator. How cool is that! Let’s talk with him right now.            

Pray, thanking God for all he created.

Watch This Video:

  • “Big and Small” teaching video (watch or download here)

Discuss and Watch “Big and Small”

            Say: We’re learning that God is the Creator.

            Ask: • What’s your favorite thing God created?

            Say: Those are all amazing things God made! Let’s watch a video with a lot of things God created…maybe you’ll see your favorite thing!

            Watch “Big and Small.”

            Ask: • Which part of creation in the video was most amazing to see?

            • What can the big parts of creation show you about God? What about the small things?            

Say: Big and small, God made it all! From the tallest mountain to the tiniest microorganism, God is the Creator of our universe…including you!

Core Bible At Home:

  • Bibles

Strike a Pose

            Say: We’re learning today that God is the Creator. There was a man in the Bible named Job who was going through some really hard times. He wanted to ask God some questions about why things were so hard for him.

            God’s answer didn’t really explain why Job was going through hard times, but it did show how awesome and amazing God is as a Creator! Let’s see what God showed Job about all that he made—and why we can trust him.

            I’m going to read some verses. After I finish reading each set of verses, you’ll have 10 seconds to strike a pose that represents the creation I read! Use your creativity and any supplies you can find nearby! Here’s the catch: you have to use at least one item from your home.

  • Read Job 38:8-11, about the sea. In 10 seconds, everyone must strike a pose. Then say: Oceans are huge. If you took the tallest mountain, Mount Everest, and turned it upside down to put it in the ocean, it would still be far, far away from the bottom! Not only are the oceans huge, but we’ve only just begun to understand them. We’ve explored only 5-10% of the ocean, and scientists think there are thousands of species in the ocean that we don’t even know about!
  • Read Job 38:12-15, about daylight. In 10 seconds, everyone must strike a pose. Then say: Fun fact: It takes about 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the light from the sun to reach the earth.
  • Read Job 38:31-33, about the stars. In 10 seconds, everyone must strike a pose. Then say: God created a lot of stars. Scientists estimate there are one septillion stars (that’s a one with 24 zeros after it!) in the universe…and some scientists think that’s probably a low guess.
  • Read Job 38:34-38, about rain and lightning. In 10 seconds, everyone must strike a pose. Then say: Lightning is big and powerful! Most lightning strikes are 2-3 miles long and have 100 million volts of power. That’s a lot!
  • Read Job 39:19-21, about horses. In 10 seconds, everyone must strike a pose. Then say: Horses run fast, around 27 miles per hour on average. The fastest horse ever could run 55 miles per hour! That’s really fast! And here’s another surprising fact: horses can’t vomit.
  • Read Job 39:26-28, about hawks/eagles. In 10 seconds, everyone must strike a pose. Then say: Eagles’ wings are huge and heavy, so it takes a lot of energy to flap their wings. Instead, they catch air currents to soar and glide upon. One eagle was observed to flap her wings for only two minutes total in a whole hour of flying!

            Say: God made all of these impressive, powerful things.

            Ask: • What does that show you about God?

            • What’s something God made that really impresses you?

            • What’s one thing you would create if you could make anything?

            Say: God is the Creator. He made our whole world and everything in it. Even the things people make are made out of things God created. No one but God can create something out of nothing.

            You used creativity as you figured out how to use household items and your own bodies to show what God made. You did an awesome job! But God’s creation is more incredible than anything we could make or think of. After Job heard all that God had to say, he was amazed by God. He couldn’t think of anything else to say to God because he was so amazed by how God created everything and cares for his creation.

Take Care of Creation

            Say: We may not be able to create as well as God, but here’s something amazing about the role God gave us when it comes to creation.

            Read Psalm 8:3-8.

            Ask: • What does it mean to you that we’re in charge of God’s creation?

            Say: God is the Creator. He made you and me, and he wants to partner with us to take care of his creation!

            Ask: • What’s one thing you can do to take care of God’s creation?            

Say: God is the Creator, unmatched by anyone else. We can make things out of craft supplies or other things God made, but we can’t make something out of nothing. What we can do is honor God’s creation by taking good care of it!

Play This Game:

  • index cards (3 per elementary child plus a few extras)
  • paper
  • pencils*
  • crayons
  • upbeat music (optional)
  • music player (optional)


  • The beginning of this game involves writing, but it’s more set-up than part of the actual game. Younger kids will love joining in the game even though they won’t be able to help with the set-up. To keep them engaged as older kids submit ideas, give younger kids paper and crayons, and tell them to draw a funny animal.

Impersonate Weird Animals       

            Say: Today we’re talking about how God is the Creator. Let’s see what insights we can gain about creating by doing a little creating ourselves!  

  • Give each child who can write three index cards and a pencil. Give younger kids paper and crayons and have them draw a funny animal.
  • Ask kids to write on their first card the name of an unlikely animal: one that’s extinct (dodo bird, brontosaurus), not native to your area (kangaroo, penguin), or fictional (unicorn, ankle-biting snark). Collect these cards and put them in a stack.
  • For the second card, ask kids to write a way to move (running, dancing, hopping). Collect these cards and put them in a separate stack.
  • Have kids write on the third card an “-ly” adverb—a word that describes an action (boldly, happily, loudly). Collect these cards and put them in a separate stack.
  • Line kids up side by side against a wall.
  • Explain you’ll mix and match the cards to describe the way kids will cross the room. For instance, you might say “boldly juggling unicorn,” and that’s what kids will impersonate as they move to the far wall. Continue sending them back and forth as a different animal each time.
  • If kids don’t provide many intriguing terms to string together, here are a couple of options to have handy: Silently Swimming Tasmanian Tigers, Happily Toe-touching Panda, and Blindly Backstroking Wooly Woodpecker.
  • There are no “right” ways to travel, so let kids be creative and have fun!
  • If you’d like, play music as kids cross the room.
  • To keep this high-energy, don’t allow much time between rounds. Keep kids moving!

Talk About It

            Ask: • How did it feel being on the spot to instantly “create” an animal?

            • Which of the animals you acted out do you most wish was actually around? Why?

            • God included a lot of variety when he made animals. What does that show you about him?            

Say: Our silly creatures had a lot of variety—but not as much as God’s creation! He made everything from a platypus to an axolotl to a cuddly puppy. God is the Creator, and all the variety shows just how creative he is!

Kids Worship:

  • “The Work of His Hands” (Psalm 19:1) (watch or download here)
  • “Good in Every Way” (watch or download here)
  • “My God Is Powerful” (watch or download here)

Sing Songs to God            

Sing the three songs in any order.

Do This Activity:

  • Bible
  • whiteboard or bulletin-board paper (butcher paper)
  • dry-erase markers
  • index cards
  • washable markers*

Combine DNA

            Say: We’re learning that God is the Creator. He made the moon and the stars, all the animals, and even the weather. But let’s explore something really cool about how God made you.

            Every cell in your body is made up of something called DNA. DNA is like a code God wrote to make you you. DNA is made up of four chemicals, and scientists refer to them by their initials: A, C, T, and G. Those are the four letters that make up the code of who you are. DNA is something scientists study a lot.

            But how many different combinations can you really make with just four letters? Let’s see.

  • Give each child four index cards and a marker.
  • Write the letters A, C, T, and G on the whiteboard or paper.
  • Each child will copy the letters onto their index cards, one per card. If anyone needs help making their letters, older kids can help.
  • Then have kids work together to put all their index cards in one line.
  • Kids can rearrange the cards to make different combinations of the four letters.

Talk About It

            Ask: • How many different combinations do you think there might be with our cards?

            Count the number of kids in your group and multiply by four. Then say: We could make a ton of different combinations with our letters—and we had only [fill in number] letters to work with. Did you know that each cell in your body is made up of three billion of these letters? That’s a lot of possible combinations!

            And your body has around 37.2 trillion cells. So when you combine all those cells together, that makes you you! God made you with a very detailed code. That’s why you’re unique!

            Listen to what David wrote about how God made people.

            Read Psalm 8:3-5.

            Ask: • What amazes you about the DNA code we just explored?

            • David was amazed at how God made people. How does exploring DNA change the way you think about how God made you?            

Say: Here’s another amazing thing about your DNA. All those letters are arranged together in a twisted strand—kind of like the line you made with your index cards. If you could take all the DNA strands in your body and stretch them out end to end, it would stretch to Jupiter and back 10 times! That’s how detailed the code is that God put in you. Sometimes you may feel small or unimportant, but remember how God made you so incredibly complex that your DNA could stretch that far. God is the Creator, and he put a lot of detail into his creation!

Wrap It Up:

  • paper
  • washable markers*
  • transparent tape*

Draw and Thank

  • Give each child an index card, and set out markers to share.
  • Tell kids they have two minutes to draw something God created on their card. It could be a tiger, a leaf, a flower, a cloud, or anything else that comes to mind.
  • After two minutes, have kids hang all their index cards together in one big group collage on the wall.
  • Stand with kids facing the collage, and tell kids to shout out some of the things they see on the collage when you pause your prayer.
  • Pray: God, thank you that you are the Creator. Thank you for making everyone in this room. And thank you for making… Pause and let kids finish the prayer. When kids stop calling things out, conclude the prayer with: In Jesus’ name, amen.

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